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buy and sell natural craft supplies Driftwood Mall is an online marketplace for all things organic, natural and handmade, including natural craft supplies, organic art, handmade furniture, clothing, recyclable materials and all-natural handmade edibles. With the wonderful surge of awareness about going green, we are all beginning to understand the planetary benefits that go along with recycling, choosing organic and natural alternatives and supporting artists by buying handmade.

As a part of this craving for the most natural lifestyle possible, people are also rapidly awakening to their artistic and creative potentials, as well as the desire to create an alternative lifestyle. Driftwood Mall provides one alternative for people who wish to live a passionate lifestyle, by offering a way to buy and sell eye-popping, fun and useful items that are handmade with nature in mind. As you become aware of our unity and connection to the planet, you'll begin to seek out products and fashions that reflect your desire to become more natural and unique. 

Buyers: browse Driftwood Mall and find thousands of organic and natural products, supplies and handmade items listed by artisans and crafters who love what they do. No matter if you're an art collector, an interior designer, a high-profile fashionista, a planet-conscious soccer mom, a bride-to-be or a even a crafter yourself, check our extensive list of categories on the left to find things like:

  • unique and one-of-a-kind art pieces including wall art, sculptures, digital art, ACEOs and photography.
  • handcrafted items like unique handbags, stunning jewelry and organic clothing made with natural materials and lots of love.
  • natural supplies, such as leaves, driftwood, pine cones, seashells, moss, acorns, rocks, etc.
  • recyclable and upcycled materials such as plastic pieces, metal parts, fabric scraps and more.
  • natural fashion items to suit all walks of life, including hippie, boho, goth, steampunk, victorian, fantasy, tribal and even traditional.
  • browse the unfinished projects category to rekindle the love for a long-forgotten afghan or add your own touches to a half-finished painting.
  • mingle with artists, share your favorites and discover who you are by connecting with what you love.

Sellers: offer your handmade creations and gathered natural treasures to others looking to adopt a more natural lifestyle. If you have access to natural craft supplies like pine cones, driftwood, river stones and wildflowers, list your items on the site. If you are an artist who prefers organic materials or you want to fill the world with joy by sharing what you create, showcase your talents with the world. Sign up for a free account and Apply for a Shop to begin selling your creative, natural and one-of-a-kind treasures.

Enjoy your experience at Driftwood Mall!

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