Hippie Rainbow Sand Dollars, Handpainted Beach Art
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The sand dollar has been called 'money of the mermaids'.

These are hand-painted sand dollars from the Pacific Coast. Painted in rainbow colors for hippies around the world. These make a great gift idea or keep yourself to bring fortune and the luck of the mermaids!

Three hand-painted sand dollars are included. I have NOT bleached these sand dollars before painting for two reasons. 1. Sand dollars are already delicate and they become very fragile after bleaching. 2. I prefer things to be as much in their natural state as possible. I added a bit of flair, but otherwise these guys are natural and just the way I found them. Sometimes they have little chips, sometimes uneven edges and sometimes gray or discolored spots here and there. All, however, are unbroken and beautiful.

Rainbow hippie gift bag is included. The rocks in the first picture are not. Hippie gift bag is made of rainbow colored soft mohair crochet with a drawstring. Big enough to fit 3 sand dollars. Expect some sand. It's nearly impossible to get all the sand out of that little hole in the back.

I do not pick up live sand dollars. Those guys get to continue digging their way back into the sand for further play with the mermaids.

I can do custom colors and personalization on these if you like. I find them regularly, so feel free to request a custom listing for a wedding or gift idea.

Shipping is free to most countries.